About Jessy

Meet Jessy Lipke, Founder of The Power Girl Fitness Revolution.  At the young age of 10, after seeing many of her friends at school and in the “dance world” struggle with their weight issues and resultant poor self-images, Jessy had the vision to “Change The Way Girls All Over The World Take Care Of Their Bodies, By Changing How They Think About Themselves, How They Eat and Exercise, So They Can Replace Bad Habits With Good Ones And Achieve Their Full Potential. ”

Growing up in a very health-focused home, with Dad as a Doctor of Chiropractic and Mom a Dietitian, Jessy was constantly being exposed to “better health choices” and quickly realized that the way she was being raised was far different than the way her friends and the rest of the world lived.

At school, kids would come with lunches packed with sugary treats and processed foods, while she was eating fresh and whole foods packed with quality proteins, healthy carbohydrates, and “good” fats.

While many of her friends spent their free time watching TV and playing video games, Jessy was training her body and stretching her muscles daily under the guidance of her parents, personal trainers, gymnastic coaches, dance teachers, pilates instructors and many other professional fitness and performance experts to prepare her for each competitive dance season.

This intensive training and conditioning inspired Jessy to become fascinated with body conditioning and fitness transformation at an early age.  She has studied the workout programs of many of the industry leaders in personal training and fitness.  In doing so, she has learned many of the secrets and techniques used by top trainers to achieve amazing results.

However, while studying the “experts”, she noticed that there was no program to allow girls to have community and connection with other girls in the fitness world.  It seemed as though, to get fit, you had to wait until you were an adult to be coached by an adult, or pretend that you were one already and follow along with an adult class, hoping not to injure yourself in the process.

Out of this void of fitness for kids, Jessy and her Dad (Dr Brent Lipke, a Doctor and Personal Trainer- see Our Qualifications) developed the Power Girl Fitness Revolution – Doctor-Designed Fitness Taught By Girls For Girls.  Their vision was to create a place where girls could learn SAFE (doctor-designed) and EFFECTIVE (personal trainer supervised) fitness training in a FUN environment with girls their same age.

Jessy has co-authored with her Dad, her first ebook, “Better Choices For A Better Body – The #1 Nutrition Secret To Help You Look And Feel Great” outlining the first major step in nutrition-based body transformation. Other books currently being written are The Power Girl Fitness Revolution – Complete Training Manual and the Power Girl Fitness Nutrition Revolution – Cookbook and ‘Done For you’ Meal Plan Guide.

Through community and on-line fellowship via Power Girl Chat Rooms and Member Forums, girls are encouraged to motivate and encourage each other, or ask questions about health and fitness for Jessy and Dr Brent to provide balanced, directed and appropriate recommendations and answers, to meet the specific needs of pre-teen and teenage girls.

What has evolved is the internet’s FIRST Girls Fitness Training Program, tailored to all levels of fitness from beginner to advanced and even levels to challenge the elite athlete.  Whether your goals are physical transformation, performance enhancement or simply having fun at fitness – Power Girl Fitness has what you need.

Power Girl Fitness is the World Leader in Fitness Solutions for Girls and promises to be a HUGE presence and industry leader in transforming the lives of girls all over the world.  It’s compelling Vision “Better Choices Mean A Better Body And A Better Life!” and it’s Mantra “Power, Passion and Performance” capture the dramatic impact it will have on the lives of girls everywhere.

Are YOU ready for a CHANGE?

“Be The Change You Want To See In The World” – Mahatma Gandhi