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Since this website is all about YOU, YOU staying motivated, YOU reaching your goals and YOU being your very best – I would LOVE to hear what you think of the 20 Minute Total Body Workout, the Total Body ‘Jump Training’ Workout, the NEW Time Crunch – CORE Workout, and the Better Choices For A Better Body nutrition book. Fill out the boxes below and send me a message telling me what you’ve changed and how you’re doing.  I’ll publish your feedback on the site for other Power Girls to see. Please also let me know what kinds of books or videos you would like me to make next to help you reach your personal health and fitness goals.

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Thanks for helping me motivate a New Generation of Girls!

Your Friend and Coach,

Jessy Lipke


POWER GIRLS speak out!

Power Girl Emily says:

I’m glad a girl like you is stepping up to make girls live a healthier life. I am planning to go on a community service trip to Costa Rica and it involves surfing, diving, and other out door adventures. I need to get a better body for this trip so I can not only look better but perform better in the activities. I have finnaly found something productive in helping me get fit. I had already lost about 20 lbs on my own (before I found your videos) because I was a little over weight. I lost my fire power to get even more fit ( I was excersizing everyday and then I stopped) you started it up again thanks so much!!!

More Toned and Muscular

I competitively dance 6 days a week and I just started them recently but I’ve also been doing all of your videos, I also read your ebook. And by changing my eating habits to healthier ones and doing these work outs, I can already see myself getting more toned and muscular. Thank you so much for posting everything, it has been such a great help.

Looking Better and Feeling Stronger

Dear Jessy, I would like to thank you for teaching me how to exercise! I have always eaten healty, ate in moderation, and stayed away from sodas and candy, but I never felt as healthy or as strong as I have since your workouts!   I started your workouts when I began exercising, and over time they became easier and easier for me to do, and I knew my muscles were becoming stronger! Now I am applying this to sports such as running, which I now enjoy to do!  Before I could barely run down the street, and did you know now I can run for thirty minutes? And this is only after a month and a half! Weight wise, I lost seven pounds and a total of 11 inches off of my body! YAYAYAYAYAAA Hahah so thank you so much!

Pre-teen fun workouts!

Hi Jessy! I have been looking for exercise programs that are for pre-teens. I happen to be one of those people! I am Lauren. My age is eleven years old currently, and I was born and raised in the state of Tennessee. You have helped me very much!  I succeed using your workouts. They are not only fun, but they work for my body.  

Power Girl Dimitra says:

Hello my friend Jessy!  You keep surprising me every time I read from you! I like your ideas and beliefs! I try to exercise about three times a week and eat more vegetables and fruits! You inspire me to take care of my body and I'd love to see more beautiful exercising videos! You are so direct we feel as we know you very well! God bless you! Thank you very much!

The power to change many lives !

Hi Jessy! I’ve recently discovered your videos via YouTube, and just wanted to say that I love your idea for Power Girl Fitness, and I really wish it was around back when I was your age. I’m 21, and overweight and not in very good shape, and I am just now discovering the joys of fitness and eating right, instead of seeing it as a chore or something I ”have” to do, it is something I want to do. You are a huge motivation for me. It’s never too late to be a Power Girl! Keep doing what your doing, you’re an incredible dancer and have great presence, and you have the power to change many lives! :)

No more working out in secret !

I have been doing adult workouts and I’m only 12! I found yours on the sidebar and it has really helped me. I don’t have to do your workouts in secret cause I know it’s safe. I’m so happy I don’t have to strain my muscles using weights. I have lost alot of thigh fat doing the leg exercises. Thanks! ”)  

Power Girl Ashley says:

Your workouts are amazing and simply easy to do. I am much older then whom you aim for, but I have a disease in my spine and bad knees and it is helping me have more strength to do day to day things. Thank you so much Jessy!

Power Girl in Greece

My name is Dimitra, I'm 34 years old and I am from beatiful Greece! I always liked my body to be in motion and that's why I found your page. I find your idea and mission, as you call it, very interesting!!  I was impressed by the inspiration video, when you say that we can achieve anything by acting if it's already accomplished!! This is a truth I learned recently and I was impressed, in a positive way, that you, so young, already know it and make it true! Good job!!  I wish the best for you!  Thank you!  

My Body Is Proud Of Me

  I am so excited to join the power girl fitness program. I just finished your work out and I enjoyed it so much! Now I feel like my body is proud of me.  I am ready to continue on my mission to get in shape.  

Power Girl Carly says:

I love working out to your videos every morning before school! Thankyou so much for your hand work and dedication for helping girls all around the world with better body image, health, and overall self esteem! It's really nice to know someone who actually cares about this issue of child obesity and health issues, rather than just being in it for the money and fame. I'm really thankful that you do this! You are a wonderful person and you are helping the world! Again, Thankyou so much! Your videos really help!  

Power Girl Sarah says:

The Power Girl workout I got off of youtube was better then all of then other ones I looked up on real websites for fitness.  I am going to do one of these everyday :D I LOVED THIS WORK OUT THAT YOU ARE GIVING ME AND MY FRIENDS.  THANKS SOOOOOO MUCH Jessy for starting this. It is AWESOME!!!! :D

Power Girl Zoey says:

Hello Jessy, I have been watching your videos on youtube and doing your workouts, I have just read through your E-book and it sure is shocking. I am 17 and from the United Kingdom in Scotland. In 2011, I gained 3 stone due to hard times and this year my aim is to get fit again. Your videos are very motivating and inspiring. You are a very talented young lady and I have to admit that you are a FANTASTIC dancer!!!!  Your book is very factual and I enjoyed reading it.  Keep up your good work, and hopefully I will too!!

No more terrible names!

Hey Jessy,
 thanks sooo much! I am 11 and I used to get called terrible names, but thanks to you my life has tured around. I love my body thanks xxxxxxx

25 year old Power Girl Mel says:

OK so I am a 25 year old who just came across your youtube videos and I am not the healthiest of people and I find the gym very very intimidating, so I'm gonna give your workouts a go as I need to start somewhere and my lounge room seems like a good spot!  I currently weigh about 30kgs overweight, so I will keep you up to date with my progress! Keep uploading those videos!! Here I go! Wish me luck!!

Power Girl Caroline says:

Jessy, you do not know how thankful I am. It has only been 2 days since I began, and I have lost 2 lbs.  You inspired  me to follow your work outs, run for 30 min and I also follow a nutrition plan, my guide is your ebook. Thank you so much and I hope your dream to change the world comes true.  Your thankful student.

Power DUDE Max says:

  I’m a boy, but I love your workouts too! My family tried to get me working out with some boring exercises, and I hate it. But now I found your workouts and I really like to do them.  Please, don’t stop and make more videos!

Closer to your Million Girl Goal

Thank you so much Jessy! I have been looking for a workout like this for a while and I was really happy when I found you on YouTube. Trust me when I say this - you're amazing.  I feel so proud of myself after each workout and I am looking forward to starting a training routine.  I do not have a whole lot of friends so its nice to meet someone like you.  You really inspire me.  I used to dance when I was younger and I have always been told I have a dancers body. Unfortunately though I have not really felt happy in a long time.  I have grown a whole lot recently and my balance was affected dramatically. Whenever I would try and run I would pull a muscle and sometimes my knees would collapse and I would fall. Then soon after I got tonsillitis (that's where your tonsils become very infected causing all sorts of problems). I missed a lot of school but I was still a straight A student and all of my teachers really loved me. I felt like that was all I had left besides my singing. I was sick on and off for like two years when finally the doctors figured out what was wrong and I had my tonsils removed. I have not been sick in like four months. I have been a little depressed I think. I don't know if you could understand this but I have not been very accepted by other kids. I think they are intimidated by me. I am really tall for my age and my vocabulary is a little extensive for kids my age as well. I think they're afraid to talk to me, so most days I sit at lunch alone. My academics are still great though and I am always busy with my singing. I guess what I am trying to say is it is really nice being in an environment where I don't have to worry about being judged but I am still with kids my age doing something beneficial. So thanks Jessy and you are one person closer to your million girl goal.  Most sincere thanks!

Power Girl Kendra says:

Hey Jessy I have just started to do your workouts and I think they are really good and I think you are amazing and you inspire me. I think every teenage girl who likes to do workouts should look up to you and I think that they are convenient for ages 8+ which I am 13.  Thank you and keep up the good work!

Power DUDE Gabriel says:

Hello Jessy,
 My name is Gabriel.  I am 17 years old and a junior in high school. Ever since being diagnosed with asthma and sickle cell anemia, I felt like I have always struggled with my weight.  I read your book ”Better Choices For A Better Body” and found it encouraging that I can take my life back.  The work-outs you host are phenomenal and effective.  Thank you to both you and your parents, for allowing people like me the opportunity to regain our self-esteem, confidence, and motivation that we have lacked for so long, all because of the choices we make everyday. You all have really made an impact through this program. Again I say, Thank you!

Power Girl Hannah says:

Hi Jessy!  
So, I’m 16 and have been dancing since I was 4.  Recently I’ve been getting a bit out of shape but your video workouts have really helped me get back into it. Now I love dancing more than ever and my abdominals are getting really good :)  You’re so good considering your age :D  Keep up the good work!  I’m looking forward to more workouts

Great role models!

Very good workout! Fantastic idea to have young girls be such great role models of a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!

16 and LOVING This!

Awh I love this<3.  At first I thought it may be weird to be instructed by an 11 year old when your 16. But it's totally not! Fantastic work Jessy. The message and videos are awesome!

You changed my life!

I used to be the size of an average girl my age. I loved chocolate, played hockey, volleyball, basketball, golf, soccer and went to hiphop class. Then I found your videoes and loved them! I took time everyday to do your workouts! Now I look awesome, and I am down to an amazing one junkfood a day! And other then to do your workouts, writhing this is one of the rare times I'm actually using electronics!  P.S, I'm 11 and I started when I had just turned 10 :-P



Power Girl Martha says:

Hi Jessy, this is Martha!! I was just on your Power Girl website!  Its really cool!! I love everything because it sends an important message about proper diet and fitness for your girls like us!!  Especially for those of us who spend most of their time in the dance studio working hard and sweating it out!!!  I am looking forward to checking your website regularly to learn more interesting fitness and diet tips!!  Keep up this exciting website !!!

Power Girl Alison says:

Thank you so much Jessy!  Your ebook really helped me.  I just did your workout and it was really effective.  Keep up the good work!

Power Girl Jasmin says:

Wow Jessy, you are so inspiring to others and its so cool. I am a dancer too.  I’m fit and feeling great and what I want to share with others that you shared with me is never give up on your dreams no matter how bad life could get or seeing others accomplishing faster than you. I was looking on youtube the other day and saw your 6 year old solo and I was like wow I am 11 now and I wasn’t able to move like that when I was that age, but like people always say practice makes perfect and that’s what I am doing now. Thanks Jessy!!!

Power Girl Lauren says:

Hi Jessy! It’s Lauren G.  You know you are truly inspiring !!!! You should be proud of who you are. You are a great person !!!! I follow powergirlfitness !!!! I think it’s just fantastic :) It's been helping me get my strength and flexibility !!!! The nutrition facts are awesome !!!! Thanks jessy. Just be who you are and you’ ll go far in life ;)

Power Girl Vianne says

Hi, Jessy.  I like your workouts, I would like to say thank you for helping me get fit, you are great at doing workouts!  I love to dance at competitions and your workouts will help me be better than what I am.      (7 years old – Australia)