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Since this website is all about YOU, YOU staying motivated, YOU reaching your goals and YOU being your very best – I would LOVE to hear what you think of the 20 Minute Total Body Workout, the Total Body ‘Jump Training’ Workout, the NEW Time Crunch – CORE Workout, and the Better Choices For A Better Body nutrition book. Fill out the boxes below and send me a message telling me what you’ve changed and how you’re doing. I’ll publish your feedback on the site for other Power Girls to see. Please also let me know what kinds of books or videos you would like me to make next to help you reach your personal health and fitness goals.

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Thanks for helping me motivate a New Generation of Girls!


Your Friend and Coach,

Jessy Lipke


POWER GIRLS speak out!

Power Girl Vianne H. says:

Hi, Jessy. I like your workouts, I would like to say thank you for helping me get fit, you are great at doing workouts! I love to dance at competitions and your workouts will help me be better than what I am. (7 years old – Adelaide, Australia)

Power Girl Lauren G. says:

Hi Jessy :)
It’s Lauren G. :) you know you are truly inspiring !!!! You should be proud of who you are :) you’re a great person !!!! I follow powergirlfitness !!!! I think it’s just fantastic :) it’s been helping me get my strength and flexibility !!!! The nutrition facts are awesome !!!! Thanks jessy :) just be who you are and you’ ll go far in life 😉

Power Girl Jasmin W. says:

Wow Jessy, you are so inspiring to others and its so cool. I am a dancer too. I’m fit and feeling great and what I want to share with others that you shared with me is never give up on your dreams no matter how bad life could get or seeing others accomplishing faster than you. I was looking on youtube the other day and saw your 6 year old solo and I was like wow I am 11 now and I wasn’t able to move like that when I was that age, but like people always say practice makes perfect and that’s what I am doing now. Thanks Jessy!!!

Power Girl Alison N. says:

Thank you so much Jessy! Your ebook really helped me. I just did your workout and it was really effective. Keep up the good work!

Power Girl Martha B. says:

Hi Jessy, this is Martha B.!! I was just on your Power Girl website! Its really cool!! I love everything because it sends an important message about proper diet and fitness for your girls like us!! Especially for those of us who spend most of their time in the dance studio working hard and sweating it out!!! I am looking forward to checking your website regularly to learn more interesting fitness and diet tips!! Keep up this exciting website !!!:D