The PERFECT Power Girl Snack!

Hey Power Girl,

Last week was a great and super busy week!

I shot another Power Girl video for YOU!!!

It wasn’t a workout but a nutrition video.  You see, I’ve been listening to what you want!

You asked how to EAT so that’s what I’ve been working on!

You’ll love it!!!

My mom and I in the kitchen, teaching YOU how to make healthy meals and snacks, STEP-BY-yummy-STEP.

Many of MY favourite recipes have a super good-for-you ingredient!

This super good food is easy to find and is NOT expensive.

It is high in protein and super rich in healthy fats.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s the EGG!!!!!

Eggs are SO good for you but they have gotten a bad rap lately.

Lots of people will say to limit how many eggs you eat because they are high in cholesterol.

Well I’m here to tell you NOT to be scared off eggs.


Yes they are high in cholesterol but there are a lot of myths about cholesterol that just aren’t true.

Many people will say that cholesterol can be bad for you.

They say that high cholesterol can cause heart disease.


Dietary cholesterol doesn’t really affect blood cholesterol AND cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease!

I went to a lecture that my mom gave (and she was a dietitian for 15 years), and that is what she told hundreds of people.

She even had a lot of research to back her up.

I believe my mom just because she is my mom, but the research she had made her more convincing!

So eat eggs!!!

Don’t be scared off by them.

Eggs are totally NATURAL and just LOADED with protein, HEALTHY FAT and vitamins and minerals.

The incredible nutrition in eggs can help build strong muscle, help you get to a healthy weight, improve brain function and eye function too!

The protein found in an egg is one of the highest quality proteins nature offers.

Eggs are easy to prepare, can improve the nutrition of many recipes and they are not expensive and can be found at any store, even a convenience store!

I love to snack on hard boiled eggs.

We often have a dozen boiled eggs in the fridge ready for us to eat at any time.

It is really easy to boil a dozen eggs and keep them in the fridge for the perfect, healthy, on-the go snack.


………all you have to do is cover your eggs in COLD water.

Make sure there is at least 1 inch of water overtop your eggs.

Place the uncovered pot of eggs on the stove and heat on high until the water boils.

Once the water boils, remove the eggs from the heat and COVER them.  They will cook in the water.

They need to sit in the covered pot for 18-23 minutes.

Make sure you put the timer on!

It is really important to drain off the hot water and run COLD water over your eggs until they are cool to your touch.

Voila!  The PERFECT Power Girl snack!

One egg has about 7 grams of muscle-building protein!

Wow that is a lot and remember power girl, you need protein to make sure you build strong, gorgeous muscle.

Adding a slice of whole-grain bread to your egg will make a bigger snack if you feel you need a bit more.

An egg sandwich is also a fast and healthy lunch if you have the eggs already boiled.

I like to slice 2 eggs up, arrange the egg slices on bread, add a few slices of tomato, some sea salt and pepper.  YUMMY!

There are so many great things you can do with eggs and I promise you lots of fabulous ideas for eggs in my Power Girl Nutrition video called Body-Smart LUNCHES.  Coming soon……

So remember that one of the healthiest foods you can eat, can be found anywhere, is super cheap, super healthy and super tasty!

What are you waiting for Power Girl…?


Your friend and coach,

Jessy Lipke

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