Why you are ALWAYS HUNGRY!

What did you have for breakfast today?

How about supper last night?

Even if you think you made good choices, and I hope you tried to, most girls are confused with what to eat and what to avoid.

One of the most common questions I get from Power Girls writing in to me is “What should I be eating to get the best results, the fastest?”

Well the truth may SURPRISE you.

And like most truths, it’s actually pretty SIMPLE.

If you’re like me, everyday you hear about all sorts of FANCY NEW “miracle” weight-loss fads and diets.  You hear it on the news, on the radio or see it in magazines….. you know the LATEST and GREATEST things to eat or drink to get a great body.


You hear high-PAID celebrities telling you that the way to a better body is by drinking things like energy drinks, diet sodas, or caffeine drinks.

Maybe you’ve watched them also tell you to eat foods low in fat, or sweetened with artificial sweeteners.  What about meal replacement bars or counting calories.  It can really get CONFUSING.

Let me tell you the SIMPLE TRUTH.

They are all LYING!

Who do you think PAYS for those ads and celebrities?  Big food companies, who want YOUR money.

Well I’m here to give you the TRUTH, and it may surprise you.

The FASTEST and SIMPLEST way to a better looking, and HEALTHIER body is eating LOTS and LOTS of……….


Now that is probably NOT the answer you wanted to hear or the answer you thought you’d hear, but it is the TRUTH.

Most girls don’t eat nearly enough FRESH, RAW vegetables and the result is a body that they don’t like. Which makes them feel miserable.

So if you don’t like how you look or feel, don’t worry you’re not alone.

And the great news is good ol’ Jessy is here to help YOU!

So to change what you DO with food (how you eat) we need to first change how you THINK about food.

If you can understand WHY you need to make different choices, it should make it easier for you to take ACTION, which is what gives FAST results!

Maybe you’ll understand better if I explain HOW different foods make your body FEEL hungry or full.

Have you ever asked yourself “Why am I ALWAYS HUNGRY?”

Let me tell you what happens when you eat food that is HIGH in FAT (french fries) or HIGH in SUGAR (ice cream, soda) but LOW in volume or nutrients…..

…….your body STAYS HUNGRY and you want to KEEP EATING!

Have you ever started to eat something that was sweet and even though you weren’t that hungry when you started, pretty soon you felt like you couldn’t stop eating?

Raise you hand and say “Yes Jessy!”   I know I sure have.

Did you ever wonder WHY the more you ate, the more you WANTED to eat?

Have you ever felt that the food is CONTROLLING you?

Here’s the Answer:  It is because the sugar you were eating is very addictive and high in CALORIES but low in NUTRIENTS and VOLUME.

Your stomach feels full for 2 reasons:

1. NUTRIENT DENSITY (how many nutrients are in the food) and

2. VOLUME (how much space it takes up).


So when you give it food that TASTES good and is full of calories but EMPTY of Nutrition (like protein, fibre,vitamins and minerals) you still FEEL HUNGRY.

Because your body is still looking for NUTRITION and all you have given it is CALORIES!



Now this might seem too simple of a solution.

We have been taught by the media to believe that science is smarter than nature, that science can outperform God.

That new and improved food is better.

The foods that God DESIGNED us to eat are what we CRAVE and what we NEED (things like fresh fruits and vegetables).

When eat processed foods that have been changed by heating and adding oils and sugars that make them taste good, but have lost the nutrients, then we FEEL HUNGRY and GET SICK.

The Truth is, that although supplements (taking vitamins and minerals) are good insurance for healthy nutrition, you can never fully replace a balanced diet with man-made food.

When we load up our bodies on fresh VEGETABLES FIRST, then a couple of GOOD things happen.

1. Vegetables give us minerals and vitamins in their natural state and combination, not found in a pill.  This makes our cells healthier, and makes us FEEL FULL because our stomach can sense the nutrient density of the food.

2. Vegetables have fibre and take up more space in our stomach so they make us FEEL FULL.

If we compare 500 calories of salad and 500 calories of burger or ice cream, the salad will totally fill your stomach and will make you feel full, while that amount of ice-cream will just be a tease and leave you wanting more.

By the time you have eaten enough french fries, or ice cream to S-T-R-E-T-C-H your stomach, you have taken in too many “empty calories” and still haven’t had any real nutrition, just also of bad fat (I’ll teach you about GOOD fats like coconut oil later) and sugar.

What most girls do is eat their meal and then have a “token” vegetable to make them feel like they had a balanced meal.

If this is you, you’re doing it BACKWARDS!

VEGGES FIRST (fresh and raw if possible) otherwise lightly cooked (steamed is best, try not to microwave), then have the rest of your meal.

POWER GIRL NUTRITION TRICK: When I go out to eat at a Buffet with my family, my Dad tells us to go up and get a BIG PLATE of VEGGIES FIRST.

Then we can go back as many times as we want and get whatever we want.

The important thing is we have made the Veggies the #1 Priority.

Guess how much room we have for dessert after this, not much.

Sometimes I can’t even finish my dessert because I am too full of “good stuff'”.

There is one unfortunate SIDE EFFECT of this VEGGIES FIRST eating style………

It will give you a Better Body Guaranteed!!

So if you want to keep your same old body, then IGNORE EVERYTHING I have just said and keep on eating the way you always have.

“To GET what you’ve never had, you have to DO what you’ve never done”

All this typing for you is making me hungry…..

I’m going to have a great BIG SALAD right NOW!

Be Great. :-)

Your friend and coach,

Jessy Lipke







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