I’d Say Today Was a GOOD Day!

Have you ever had a day when everything went wrong?  One of those days that you wish you could just start over?

Come on be honest.

Maybe you stayed up late the night before and just woke up tired, then burnt your toast, spilt your milk and to make it worse missed your ride to school.

Some days, all the ‘ducks just seem to line up’ and then other days…well, the ducks are just sinking.

I want to tell you about a movie I watched over the weekend.

It was so good that I actually watched it twice (after my Power Girl workout of course)! :)

The movie was called Courageous and it really taught me a few AMAZING messages.

I love when movies do that.

If you can, I recommend watching it, and watch it with your dad if you can; you’ll know why after you’ve seen it.

The movie starts off with an action packed scene, where a man leaves his running truck, with the door open, just for a second so that he can get some water to clean off his windshield.

Well in that second a man jumps into his truck and just takes off!

The owner of the truck sees the thief taking off in his truck and runs after his truck.

He manages to step on to the running board and grab a hold of the steering wheel because the window is open.

The thief speeds up and starts driving all crazy because he is trying to get the  owner of the truck to let go of the wheel.

The owner of the truck desperately hangs on to the wheel but eventually lets go and rolls to the ground as his truck leaves him behind with the thief still in it.

The thief very shortly after loses control of the truck and drives it into a tree.

The thief takes off and gets picked up by his partner who was following closely behind.

The scene ends with the man crawling, with determination, back to his truck.

Onlookers tell the man to forget about the truck and to just stop and wait for help.

The man continues to crawl towards his truck and when he reaches it, he opens the rear door and lays his eyes and hands on his hysterically crying baby boy.

No wonder he wouldn’t let go!

When the police arrive on the scene they comment that he must be having a bad day.

He responds “I’d  say that today is still a GOOD day because my son is okay!’

Wow!!! What a lesson to be learned.

He CHOSE to focus on the positive and say that it was a GOOD day!

He could have focused on the fact that his truck was stolen, and was now smashed up.

He could have focused on the terror of being on the outside of a moving vehicle while being flung around by a mad man.

He could have focused on the cuts and bruises that he got when he was flung off the truck at a high speed and rolled on a hard, rough road!

I would say he had many reasons to say he had a ROTTEN day.

But no!  He CHOSE to say “I’d say today was a GOOD day.”

Next time you are having just one of those days when nothing seems to go right, remember this movie.

How will you CHANGE YOUR FOCUS in order to be able to say “I’d say today was a GOOD day!”

You are a Power Girl, and a part of that means you make better choices for a better life!  Everything is a CHOICE including how you CHOOSE to FEEL.

Will you wallow in your sorrows, or rise above and be a shining example of how wonderful it is to be a happy, healthy Power Girl!

Have a great week and CHOOSE to make EVERY DAY a great one!

Be the great person I know you are!

Your friend and coach,

Jessy Lipke

3 Responses to “I’d Say Today Was a GOOD Day!”

  1. melissa says:

    JEssey, i just want to say that every so often when you right these letters, you make everyone feel so brave, positive, and self confident. You are a great role model to everyone, and i just wanted to say thanks. Even though i can’t say it in person, this letter has all the same meaning. You should be proud of yourself. Thanks alot!


  2. sophia says:

    you realy need to talk about food and what food to eat

  3. Alex says:

    I saw that movie 2! Amazingly awesome! I totally loved it, almost as much as ur workouts. lol!

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