My Parents ate all my Halloween Candy!!!!!!!!

Hey Power Girl,

I want to share with you an absolutely hilarious video.  Click Here

It’s amazing how many kids cried over the thought that their parents ate all of their halloween candy.

It goes to show you how ADDICTIVE sugar can be.

As the owner of Power Girl Fitness, it made me very sad to see the poor chocies kids are making; at such a young age these kids are addicted to sugar.

It also shows me that I have a lot more work to do educating girls on how to eat.

My focus today is going to be on sugar and why it is so bad for you.

Did you know that too much sugar is TOXIC?

Sugar is toxic because your body can only handle a little bit in your blood at a time.

When you eat a lot of sugar at once, that sugar will end up in your bloodstream which will cause high blood sugars.

Your body will then produce a hormone called insulin, which will push these sugars into your cells to be used later.

Don’t be scared because this is a good thing; however, there are a couple things you need to know about insulin.

Insulin is a fat-laying hormone, so too much insulin circulating in your body (caused by eating to much sugar) increases your chances of fat being laid down.

The other problem with insulin is that your body will often make too much of it, and will cause your blood sugars to drop too low, resulting in low blood sugars.

Do you know what the problems of low blood sugars are?

Low blood sugars will cause you to feel dizzy and tired; have low energy levels;  get a headache; and to feel the need to eat more sugar.

So if your blood sugars are low, then you are not going to be feeling up to doing your Power Girl workout.

You wouldn’t want to skip a workout just because your blood sugars are low right?

Then a perfect way to fix this is to cut back on the amount of sugars you eat and eat small meals/snacks frequently throughout the day.

How do I eat?

I eat 3 meals/day plus snacks between every meal.

My meals are balanced with protein, carbs and fats and I avoid simple sugars.

You can look through my previous blogs to see exactly how I eat.

Simple sugars are: sugar, honey, syrups, candy, chocolate, and sweet, sugary desserts.

Drinks like pop/soda and even JUICE are also LOADED with sugar.

You are better to WATER DOWN YOUR JUICE and AVOID POP/SODA altogether.

If you really like pop/soda then you could try ‘ZEVIA’ which is a carbonated beverage sweetened with healthy sugars called Stevia and Xylitol that don’t cause to to produce insulin. (you may have to go to a health food store to find it)

Okay so let’s get back to eating TOO MUCH SUGAR at once.

We know that insulin will pushes sugar into your cells.

Well, what happens next will determine if you will turn that sugar into fat.

If you are ACTIVE then that sugar in your cells will be USED for energy.

Any sugar not burned for activity will now get stored.

The first storage place of this extra sugar will be as glycogen in your liver and muscles.  This stored sugar will be used the next time you need some ‘gas’ to fuel your activity or workouts.  Once your glycogen stores are full your body must find another place to store the remaining sugar.


If you are wondering whether or not you eat too much sugar, just look at your body.

Do you have some bad weight on you?  If so, no worries, I’m here to help!

Cutting back on sugary foods and drinks is what you need to do.  I know this might not be easy, BUT I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!  You can do it and you’ll love how you look and feel.

There is more though…

Sugar is just quite simply NOT GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!

Dr.William Coda Martin, classified refined sugar as a POISON because it had been depleted of it’s life forces, vitamins, minerals; all that is left is pure carbs.

Sugars make it difficult for your immune system to do its job properly.

You need your immune system to fight germs, viruses and bacteria.  You also need your immune system to attack cancer cells.

Everyone has cancer cells in their body and we need our immune systems to recognize and destroy these bad cells.

Aside from impairing your immune system, sugar also feeds cancer cells, making them stronger.  NOT GOOD!!

I really don’t want to scare you with all this information on sugar.  Please understand though, that it is MY GOAL TO HELP GIRLS LIKE YOU, ALL OVER THE WORLD MAKE BETTER CHOICES FOR A BETTER BODY AND A BETTER LIFE!!!

If I don’t share this information with you, WHO WILL?

So if your parents did eat all your Halloween candy, please give them a huge hug from me!!!  They did you a big favour!!!  Then share with them this blog and tell them to NEVER eat your halloween candy again; it is better off in the garbage than in their bodies!

Don’t eat sugar, you’re SWEET enough 😉

Your friend and coach,


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