Get Rid of It!!!

So it has been a week since Halloween.

As a Power Girl I still love trick or treating.  I think I love designing my costume more than anything.

This year for Halloween I was a cowgirl.  I had a glittery, sparkly pink cowgirl hat and I tied my hair into 2 low pony tails.  My mom let me wear big hoop earrings which barely poked through my low ponies.

I put a crop top on and my favourite plaid shirt.  I tied my shirt into a knot right around my belly button, put some heavy denim blue jeans on and to make it look really authentic, I put on my brown cowgirl boots.  The boots are at least 1 size too small but it was worth the pain because it just completed the costume.

Out the door with my siblings I went.  We went to every house in my neighbourhood and then we went to see my uncle and aunt in their neighbourhood and went trick or treating there too.

Guess who had a ton of candy?  That is right, Power Girl Jessy (and Power Girl Brooklyn too).  Between my siblings bags and my own, we could have honestly filled a wheel barrow.  We had every type of chocolate bar, candy, gum and potato chip on the market.  Some were bite size and others were full size.

Let the feast begin!

My mom and dad don’t encourage candy and sugary treats ever, but they let us dig in on Halloween.

The important thing is that after Halloween, the treats are gone.  That’s right GONE!

You see, as a Power Girl you have to create new and healthy habits.  Habits are ways of acting that become fixed by repeating often.  Eating sugar is NOT a Power Girl habit!

Many people will create bad unhealthy habits by snacking on a little Halloween candy every day.

The “every day” becomes the problem because it allows you to “repeat often” that unhealthy snacking – creating a habit.

This is why my parents let us eat whatever we want on Halloween night and then GET RID OF IT!

First of all it is not difficult to get a tummy ache with even one too many sugary treats.  Who wants to get a tummy ache over and over again.

The next thing is that by getting rid of the candy the next day (or within a few days), prevents a bad habit from forming.

A dentist that I read about, also agrees that you should just eat the candy to your hearts content and then GET RID OF IT!  He says that when kids do this they have less damage to their teeth because bathing your teeth in sugar once is far better then having just a little sugar everyday.

It makes sense to me, because I know that the BEST way to CREATE A HABIT is to repeat the same POSITIVE thing everyday.

If you want to become more flexible then you should stretch everyday.

If you want to get fit, than you should get your body moving everyday.

If you want to become a beautiful singer, then you need to practice singing everyday.

Do something everyday and it will soon become a habit whether you want it to or not.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is don’t let things like Halloween, or Christmas (which is coming up), or other holidays that mean more chocolate or sweets around the house, cause you to create bad habits.

Enjoy the sweets on the day and then GET RID OF IT!

Keep being the beautiful Power Girl you are!

Your Friend and Coach,

Jessy Lipke

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