Snap out of it!

Hey Power Girl, have you ever just had a BAD DAY?

You know, the kind  of day when you were upset and just felt like everybody and everything was against you?

Well I sure have, so I know EXACTLY how you feel.

Not good at all !

Today I’m going to give you some simple steps to help get you to switch from a miserable mood to an awesome mood, IN A SNAP !

I know how because my parents have taught me, my sister, and brothers these tricks, and today I’m going to share them with YOU.

A great attitude all begins with one thought … GRATITUDE (being thankful for what you already have).

It may seem obvious that we shouldn’t look at the negative, when there is so much positive that can be seen in everything, but I know life can be challenging.

So today I am going to talk to you about being grateful for what you have, and give you tools to help you feel better IN A SNAP so you can FOCUS on the positive instead of looking for the negative!

So let’s start with YOU.

What do you do when things don’t go your way?

How do you respond or react to these problems or feelings?

Complaining is the most common way of showing that you are ungrateful for what you are given!

In many situations we whine when the are unhappy, unsatisfied, or demanding more than we have.

Whining is consitered a negative attitude!

Many people also consider whining a sin, because it shows we are not grateful for our many blessings, it tests the patience of those we whine to, and above all, whining also tests GOD’s patience!

Well Power Girl, complaining or whining can also lead to further negative choices, including:

  • Skiping workouts
  • Getting off track with healthy eating habits
  • Negative comments (that tear people down or make them feel bad about themselves)

When you’re sad or upset you may say things that you don’t mean or words that show a bad attitude, such as:

  • I hate life
  • Life sucks
  • Everyone hates me
  • Everyone’s out to get me
  • Nobody loves me
  • I’m worthless

Words like this can really bring down our self esteem, and make us look at the world as a negative place.

The biggest thing to realize is that life goes like this…

Our THOUGHTS become our ACTIONS,

Our ACTIONS become our HABITS,

Our HABITS become our CHARACTER and

Our CHARACTER becomes our DESTINY !

WOW ! Powerful stuff.

So our THOUGHTS end up determining how SUCCESSFUL we end up in EVERY part of our life !

The SECRET to a happy life is controlling our THOUGHTS.

Happy thoughts happy life, miserable thoughts…. miserable life.

But when you are having a bad day it can be tough to snap out of a bad mood, know what I mean?

So how do you get yourself OUT of this ‘stinking thinking’ ?

Have you ever seen someone who you could tell was sad, depressed or upset without even talking to them.

What did they look like?

Maybe it even happened to you.

If you are saying these negative words to yourself how do you stand and move?

You may notice yourself starting to move slower, start to slouch, drag your feet, cross your arms, roll your eyes and other negative body gestures.

How do you speak when you feel negative?  Probably slowly and  quietly.

But how do you put yourself in a more positive state ?

Since the way you speak and move can let people tell whether you are happy or not. Let’s start there.

To SNAP yourself into a better mood – here is the secret – “fake it till you make it”.

That means if you’re feeling sad or miserable get up and DANCE, SING to your favourite song, or look in the mirror and make the goofiest SMILE you can and keep it there until you feel better.  If you pretend to be happy for long enough, pretty soon you will actually start to feel happy. (Don’t believe me? Just try it)

Let’s face it, can you smile and be miserable at the same time? No.

Can you feel sad when you’re singing along to your favourite song? No way.

What about dancing? Nobody ever danced while they were miserable.

The truth is that you can SNAP yourself out of a bad mood in a second by:

  • putting on a great big goofy smile
  • dancing to your favourite song
  • running and jumping
  • singing your favourite song
  • doing a POWER GIRL WORKOUT 😉
Just think how you will feel after doing these things.  You’ll be able to CHANGE YOUR FOCUS from all things negative to all things positive.
And here’s another secret….
People will LIKE you more and want to be around you more when you are positive.
And more friends means more joy, and that’s something else to be GRATEFUL for.
And guess what?
I’m grateful for YOU !

Your friend and coach,

Jessy Lipke


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