How Bad Do YOU Want It?

Hey Power Girl,

Last Friday I had a life changing experience. I had the opportunity to hear one of the most amazing motivational speakers ever! Have you ever heard of a man named Eric Thomas?

I am all about trying to make a difference and trying to use every moment of my life to get me one step closer to living the life of my dreams.

However, after I heard Eric Thomas I realized something…

I am not living life to MY fullest.

Eric Thomas compared living life to driving a Porsche.

A Porsche is designed as a high performance sports vehicle, however the car is normally never driven to show all of it’s power.

A Porsche has 6 gears that make it come close to flying!!

The shameful thing is that most people who own a Porsche never get to experience it’s full potental because they only stay in 3rd gear.

So this amazingly powerful sports car that has the capability to be driven in 6th gear, at speeds up to 200 mph, is only put to half of it’s potential, and untapped potential is a WASTE !

So Power Girl I want to ask you something… Are you living YOUR life in 6th gear (to your fullest ability) or are you just ‘flying under the radar’ and living in 3rd gear, with untapped potential?

I know that I don’t live my life in 3rd gear, but after hearing Eric Thomas speak I realized that I am probably living in 4th gear.  The reason I say this is because I feel like I have more potential then I usually show.

Well, Power Girl how are YOU living YOUR life? Are you cruising along in 3rd gear or are you in 5th or 6th gear, giving a 150%  effort all of the time.

If you are comfortable with everything you are doing and not breaking a sweat while doing it, then you are probably living life in 3rd gear.

I want YOU to be working so hard at everything that you do, that you are to the point where it is UNCOMFORTABLE.

That’s right, I said, UN-comfortable……

I want you to push yourself to a HIGHER Level, a HIGHER Standard than you ever have before.

I believe you are more than you have become.  There is MASSIVE potential waiting inside you!   You just have to dig down deep to find it.

Nothing great is ever easy and “Good is the enemy of Great”.

GREAT people became great because they were never satisfied with “good enough”.

So GET UNCOMFORTABLE, and push yourself more than you have before.

When you do people will start to wonder “What’s up with her? Why does she study so hard in school?  Why does she focus so much on heathy eating?  Why is she always so positive and why does she love exercising so much?”

Let them wonder about the new you.

Guess what?

Soon they will want to FOLLOW YOU, so they can look as good as you, be as happy as you, and feel as great as you!

Action is contagious !

So get out of 3rd gear and Live your life to the MAX!!

On your Power Girl next workout I want to challenge you to “take it up a level”

When you are working out I want you to set some of these goals for yourself:


  • Work so hard that you are uncomfortable
  • Challenge yourself to do a BONUS ROUND
  • Try to do something that you have never done or tried before (try the Advanced or Elite level)
  • Move a little harder, a little faster or a little longer

POWER GIRL I CHALLENGE YOU to do everything in 6th gear!  That’s how you get everything you want BETTER RESULTS FASTER!!!!

Remember my Motto: “POWER, PASSION and PERFORMANCE”  All 3 of these words, describe TWO things… a Porche racing car driving in 6th gear…

and YOU !!

I believe in you.  Be your BEST !!

Your friend and coach,

Jessy Lipke


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