A Glass House?

Hey Power Girl,

Have you ever heard the expression, “People who live in a Glass House should not throw stones?”

Do you know what it means?  Well I always hear my mom saying this and it’s meaning is very valuable to everyone.

You should never criticize others when you, yourself, are not perfect.

We should make it a goal to only speak words that will build others up, not tear them down.

You need to make sure that you don’t hurt people by talking badly about them to others or on Facebook, or other social media networks.

I’ve noticed that people use Facebook to “throw stones at other people.”

Please don’t do this.  When you criticize others on Facebook a few things happen.

  1. You leave a clear record of what you have said that was hurtful.
  2. You open up your criticism to hundreds of people.
  3. You end up exposing a mean side of yourself.
  4. You become vulnerable because you live in a “glass house.”

Living in a “glass house” means that you are not perfect.

We all live in glass houses because NO ONE is perfect.

A glass house can easily be shattered by a stone.

It is vulnerable.  You and I are vulnerable.

When we “throw stones,”  meaning insults, we are hurting others.

We will shatter the glass house that the person we are hurting lives in.  We need to remember that the walls of the glass house that we live in can be shattered too.

When we “throw stones” we end up looking foolish and hurting ourselves because we encourage others to look into our “glass house” and see everything.

You see, living in a glass house means we can be shattered AND people can see right through our walls.  Living in “glass house” means people will look into  you and expose you!

People who tend to “throw stones,” are the ones that everyone ends up examining.

It also ends up being very embarrassing when you criticize someone for something that you are guilty of yourself.

Don’t think you’re perfect, because it is impossible to be perfect.

Thinking that you’re perfect means that you are already the best that you can be.

If that were to be true, then what’s next for you?

You need to wake up EVERY day trying to make yourself BETTER then you were the day before.

Remember what I always say, “Better CHOICES (not just how you eat or exercise but ESPECIALLY how you treat others) means a Better Life.”

There should never be a day that you wake up thinking “Well I have arrived at perfection, no use in trying to become a better at anything.”

The day you do this is the day you stop growing.

Okay, getting back to the “throwing stones” and “glass house” thing…Have you ever heard people say “And who are YOU to be criticizing me?  Do you think you’re perfect?”

The chances are that at one time or another, you have been guilty of the exact thing that you are criticizing someone of.

Are you getting what I’m trying to say?  We are all guilty of “throwing stones.”  We all live in “glass houses.”

You and I should try to be very careful about the things we say or write on Facebook.

As Thumper’s mom from the movie Bambi says, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all!”

Being a Power Girl is about being the BEST you can be.

You WILL be a better person if you have a positive attitude and that includes keeping EVERYTHING you say POSITIVE!

Use your words to BUILD PEOPLE UP, instead of TEAR THEM DOWN and something strange will happen, you will feel GREAT every time you do it!

Have a GREAT week Power Girl!

Your friend and coach,



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