Be The Leader

Hey Power Girl,

Summer time is a time when we normally get thrown off track with our eating.

For me summer time is all about socializing with my friends, but somehow it always ends up involving food.

So if you are going over to a friend’s house, try to avoid eating bad foods. Or if you’re going out for food with a friend, you don’t always need to order food, you could even just have a cup of tea. If you are going to have some food then make sure that you are making a healthy food choice.

Sometimes when I go to Starbucks I will treat myself to one pack of chocolate covered almonds (not a healthy choice) and share them with all my friends rather then having a full pack all to myself, that way I will only have 1/4 or 1/3  of a pack.

The great thing about doing this is that I don’t feel deprived and I enjoy a taste while I share it with my friends and teach them that “a taste is enough”.

When you do go over to a friends house try to not make it all about food, instead talk to them a lot and have some good conversations with them.

Another smart option may be to bring over some healthy snacks such as:  veggie trays, fruit trays, and protein bars, rather then snacking on unhealthy foods like chips, hot dogs, pizza and chocolates which will NOT give you a Power Girl body.

Now don’t get me wrong Power Girl it is still okay to treat your self every once and awhile but you have to make sure that you get right back on track with your healthy eating.

Help your friends make smart choices and BE THE LEADER,  don’t let your friends who make bad choices encourage you to do the same.

Don’t follow people who make bad decisions, instead be your own leader so that other people can look up to you.

Inspire others to replace their bad eating habits with good ones so that they can get the body they want.

I want to help you make eating healthy easier, so that is why I have been filming NEW NUTRITION VIDEOS all summer long.

The most common request by my Power Girls is “teach me how to eat better”.  So I have filmed 14 videos that I will give you over the next 14 weeks to help you eat smarter.  They are step-by-step meal plan videos called Body Smart meal plans.

There are 7 Body Smart Breakfasts and 7 Body Smart Lunches that I have filmed so you can learn how to make healthy meals  with my mom and I, right in my own kitchen.

To make it super easy for you to get started I will be posting a new video meal plan every Sunday on You Tube starting later this month.

So make sure you stay tuned to hear the exact date for my first yummy recipe of my Body Smart Breakfast.

Well that’s all for today Power Girl but remember to keep making good decisions and inspiring others to follow you and join us on our journey to help you get the healthy body you are looking for.

Your friend and coach,

Jessy Lipke

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