Chase the Butterflies!

Hey Power Girls, boy have I been busy!  I’ve gone through a lot of changes over the past month and have had to re-organize my life!

Let me tell you what I have been up to.

I’ve been getting lots of requests from girls, just like you, who love training with me and keep asking “Jessy when are you going to do more fitness videos?”

Good News!!  I just filmed another TWO Power Girl Fitness workouts, and the first one will be ready next month, just in time for Christmas!   It’s my Christmas present to you :) and you’re gonna love it!

It is a new workout style called Sprint Training and is perfect for when you only have a short time to exercise because each workout is only 10 minutes long!

Now you can get a great workout in anytime, no matter how busy you are, because everyone has 10 minutes they can spare.  Right?

Ok so let me tell you more about the changes I have been through.  I changed dance studios.  That was a really big change.  I miss all my old dance friends and my teachers a lot.  At first I was afraid to change but my parents have always told me that change is good and it is necessary to grow.

I hate to admit it, but they are usually right.  I have learned so much from every dance teacher I have ever had and I grow so much because of all of them.

The biggest change for me is school.  I don’t go anymore!

Don’t worry I still am getting an education but not the usual one.  I had to do something different because all the work I do for Power Girl Fitness, and my training in the arts has meant too many late nights and too many hours of school missed.

Now I do all my learning on-line!  It is really intense and cool. But the best thing about it is that I can make time for everything that is important to me, including YOU!   Writing letters to help YOU make better choices, working with my Dad to design cool new workouts for YOU, and getting my Mom’s help to put together the best nutrition tips and recipes for YOU!

Did you know that I am writing a recipe book right now – Just for YOU!  It’s called The Power Girl Nutrition Revolution.

The reason I wanted to share this with you is because I want to admit that I have been a bit nervous.  It can be really scary to make small changes, and even scarier to make BIG ones!  Have you ever felt scared about changing something you are comfortable with?  I bet you have.

My mom felt the same way I did too.  It made me feel so normal to know that my mom felt scared, because I thought that maybe I wasn’t being strong, or maybe I was lacking some Power, Passion and Performance.

My mom is one of the strongest women I know and it meant a lot to me knowing that even she was a bit scared of me doing school on-line.

She said that it is totally normal to feel scared or nervous about change, but that you should never let those feelings stop you from changing to a better way of doing things.

Those butterflies that you feel when you’re scared of change are actually good.  You know what I mean about butterflies, that little fluttering you feel in your tummy when you’re excited or nervous.  Like before you have to say a speech or tell someone something and you’re not sure what they will think.

Those little butterflies are GOOD, they are telling you that you are growing, you’re trying new things and changing into something great!

So the next time you feel a flutter in your tummy, and feel nervous or out of breath remember……

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away”

….then take a big breath, step up, face your fears and CHASE THE BUTTERFLIES!

You have Greatness in you, look inside to find it!

The butterflies will show you the way.

Follow them.

Your Friend and Coach,


Jessy Lipke

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