What would YOU do?

Hey Power Girl,

I recently watched a movie on called “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.”

I highly recommend this movie!  I don’t want to tell you too much about the movie because I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you.

The movie really made me think though.

Would I break the rules to do the right thing?

Or, would I follow the rules and do something that would hurt someone.

There are many times in history where the rules have resulted in the unthinkable.

The most known event in history was the Holocaust.

Nazi soldiers tortured the Jewish people because it was expected of them.

They were following the rules when they shot the weak.

They were following the rules when they led the Jewish into the gas chambers.

The Nazi generals and the military were able to choose compassion, but instead many (if not all of them), followed their horrific orders and chose the “rules” over compassion.

This is something that we all can say we wouldn’t do.  We would certainly not cause other humans to suffer or would we?

I want to share with you something very compassionate that my brother Jordan did, even though he was breaking the rules.

One day on the bus route to school, a little boy got sick and threw up all over himself and the bus seat.

No one wanted to help him because there was a rule that you couldn’t get up out of your seat or you would be suspended from the bus.

Everyone was frozen in their seats.

One – because they were afraid of breaking the rule and Two – because they were probably afraid to touch the vomit.

My brother Jordan is a truly compassionate kid.

He jumped out of his seat and went to help the boy and clean up the vomit.

The bus driver got so mad at him because she was unaware of the situation and yelled that she was going to ‘write him up’.

When she heard what Jordan had done she was grateful and apologized for her reaction.

Rules are meant to be followed but….

….Sometimes they need to be broken for the ‘greater good’.

Choose to be compassionate.

Put OTHER’S needs before your own.

When you learn to do this you’ll be able to make the right decision.

A simple rule of thumb is that – if following the rules will result in harm to someone then maybe you should consider bending the rules a bit.

Where ever possible -ask for advice from a parent or someone you respect.

Now Power Girl, I want to make something very clear….I am not telling you that rules are not important or that rules are meant to be broken.  NOT AT ALL!!!

I believe that we have rules for a reason!

Rules are meant to followed.

Just make sure that you always ‘do the right the thing’ and recognize that there may be, from time to time, a situation where you need to choose compassion first.


Your friend and coach,

Jessy Lipke


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