Who says Three’s a Crowd?

Have you ever heard the saying, “two’s company and three’s a crowd?”

Well I want to let you know that I have two best friends and the three of us always hangout together.

This is an idiom and I think it is absolutely IDIOTIC!!!!!!!!!

People are always afraid that if there are three friends then one of them will be left out.

Sure it can be true sometimes, like when a couple are on a date and a third person asks to join them because they could feel awkward, but other than that I know first hand that three friends can get along just fine.

I want to introduce to you my two best friends.

Their names are Briar and Katrina.

They were best friends before I ever met them and I am so glad that they did not believe that  “two’s company and three’s a crowd.”

Briar and Katrina are very special to me and I know that they will always have my back even through tough times.

When I am feeling down I know that they will always cheer me up and put a smile on my face.

People should not be afraid of a threesome because they are worried that one person is going to be left out.

The truth is that excluding a third person will make them feel even more left out.

Have YOU ever felt left out?

Have you ever found out that two friends got together and didn’t invite you?

How did it make you feel?

I bet you felt excluded, unwanted, sad and hurt.

Well as a Power Girl I want you to be the best that you can be and learn from situations like this.

So what can you learn from feeling excluded?

You can realize that excluding a third person will make them feel more left out.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to get together with just one friend, after all that’s pretty special too.

The important thing is that you are upfront and honest about it.

This way the third person won’t feel bad.

You could also make plans to do something with the other person at a later date.

There are times when it can be challenging for three friend to hangout.

For example at an amusement park where a ride can only seat two people then the third person must ride alone.

Well there’s no need to stress, you can take turns sitting by your self.

The reason why my friendship with Katrina and Briar works out, is due to the fact that we have respect for each other and avoid feelings of jealousy.

Jealousy is the green-eyed monster that probably made up the idiom, “two’s company and three’s a crowd.”

I do not want you to just LOOK your best and FEEL your best but I also want to BE a great person on the inside as well.

How you treat people is all about who you are on the inside.

If you treat people with kindness and respect you will never go wrong.

So Power Girl it’s time to go work out!  I have a great Idea!  Why not invite two friends to keep you company.


Your friend and coach,


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