The TOUGHEST Thing You’ll Ever Have To Do……To Build The Body of Your Dreams!

Have you ever had to make a MAJOR change in your life?

Maybe it was even a change for the better, but if you’re like me, you were still scared of what might happen.

Change can be really hard.  When we think of change we can feel nervous, scared, happy or even excited.  I felt ALL of these feelings lately!

Now the only thing I love more than fitness, is DANCE!   I LOVE to dance, and I LIVE to dance.  So the dance studio that I go to REALLY matters to me. Well, for several reasons I just changed dance studios.

It is really hard to leave your friends and what you know for something that is new.  Sometimes we will avoid change because we are so afraid.  Afraid of failure, afraid of rejection, afraid of what MIGHT happen.

So we stay with what we know and where we are COMFORTABLE and we end up not growing to our full potential.  So by “playing it safe” we end up staying small.   Well, I want to tell you that fear of change is the wrong reason for not trying something new.

Last week when I walked into my new studio (Canadian Dance Company), I thought that I’d have no friends and that I may not fit in!  That fear could have STOPPED me from going there.

Boy am I glad I walked through those doors!  I had friends INSTANTLY and was welcomed with HUGS and SMILES from the kids I’d be dancing with and my teachers!

In less than a week I feel like I was MEANT to be there!  I learned that it is so important to give new things a try because that is the only way you can truly grow and become better.

My dad showed me a You Tube video called LIFE=RISK and it shows how famous people through history had to FACE FEAR and RISK FAILURE in order to achieve GREAT things!

Talking about giving new things a try…I want to encourage you to try some NEW things that can help YOU become the Power Girl you are meant to be!

Last week I told you about sugar and that we eat too much of it.  As Power Girls we need to CHANGE how we eat and make better choices.  I know that change can be scary, but change is how we grow and become better.

Let’s change how we eat.  Don’t be scared.  Remember what I always say in my videos – Better CHOICES mean a Better BODY and a Better LIFE!   It is actually EASY and you’ll love how great you feel!

Here’s an example……

Let’s have a look at my ‘old’ favourite cereal bar

So this bar is super yummy because, IF YOU READ THE LABEL,  it has 13 grams of sugar.  That is a lot!   Too bad it only has 2 grams of protein.  If there was a BETTER cereal bar with LESS sugar and MORE protein, wouldn’t you agree that we should CHOOSE that?

Well there IS a better choice for us Power Girls, and to be honest, I was AFRAID to ‘make the change’ because I love sugar.  I was comfortable with my ‘old’ bar, but I had learned about sugar and protein and was looking for a smarter choice.

Well I gave the healthier bar a chance and now I’m hooked!




















Now this bar may not be quite as sweet but it still is yummy!  Let’s compare the labels.  This bar has 6 grams of sugar, that is about HALF of the sugar in the other bar!  Now remember what happens to extra sugar our body doesn’t use for energy, it gets stored in our bodies as fat.

Also notice that there are 6 grams of protein which is TRIPLE  the protein!   That extra protein builds strong healthy muscle.  I think the clear Power Girl choice here is obviously the second bar!

So you see, CHANGE is really a big part of becoming a Power Girl!  Don’t be afraid, you’re not alone, you and I, we’re in this together!

I DOUBLE-DOG DARE you to change just one thing in your life this week.  You can do it!  I BELIEVE in you!

Write back to me with the changes you’ve made and I’ll post them with a picture of you as a Power Girl on my Success Page.

“You Win or Lose, by the Way you Choose!”

Choose wisely :)

Your Friend and Coach,

Jessy Lipke


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