Do it again and again and again

Ok Power Girl.

We are well into January.

The great and exciting days of Christmas are past and are now just memories.

Last week I encouraged you to get back into motion.  Get your body moving!

Along with regular exercise you also need to get back into healthy eating.

Get into a rhythm with how you eat and how you exercise.

Create a schedule and stick to it.

PLAN at the beginning of every week WHEN you are going to EXERCISE and WHEN you are going to EAT.

Organize yourself and create great habits.

A habit is something you do over and over again.

Habits can be good or bad.

The cool thing is that the types of habits you create are entirely up to YOU!!!

So YOU get to choose.

Will you have good habits or bad ones?

When you routinely REPEAT the SAME actions, your brain LEARNS this pattern of behavior and it becomes a HABIT.

So quite simply, anything you want to become a habit – you MUST DO over and over AND OVER again.

Research shows that it takes ONE MONTH  of repeating a habit to make it STICK!

Let’s look at some GOOD eating habits.

Every morning when you get up (and it is best to get up around the same time every day) you should eat a healthy breakfast.

People who SKIP breakfast every day, have created such an awful habit that they say that they CAN’T eat breakfast because it makes them FEEL SICK.

They have TRAINED their brain and body to REJECT breakfast.

You should also create a habit of eating snacks BETWEEN your meals EVERY DAY.

Healthy snacks should contain some protein and some carbs.

I often will have the high-protein greek yogurt with some fruit as a snack.

Hummous and crackers is another great snack.

I also like a banana boat.

I take a banana, cut it in half length wise and add some natural peanut butter or almond butter, to one half and then add the other half back on top.

That makes it like a ‘sandwich.’

Another really good snack is a hard boiled egg with some veggies.

Even a boiled egg made into a sandwich, half a sandwich (1 piece of bread) is all you need for a snack.

Tuna and a few crackers is another snack that I really like.

The key is to make a habit of HEALTHY snacking.

How?  Do it over and over and over again.

It is such a habit for me that my stomach grumbles at 10:00 every morning and at 2:00 every afternoon.

I dance late at night, so I even have a snack after dance.

So I actually have the habit of EATING 6 TIMES A DAY – 3 meals and 3 snacks.

EVERY 3 HOURS I’m putting some good food in my body.

That way I’m never really too hungry.

When people wait till they really hungry  – they overeat and make bad food choices.

Has this ever happened to you?  You skip a meal and then eat and eat whatever you can get ahold of (sometimes Fast Food) and you eat until you’re STUFFED!

Then how do you feel – GROSS! :(

So, AVOID THIS and start to create the habit of  PLANNING AHEAD and pack your food and snacks.

This means you need to be organized.

If you know you will be away from your house for school, shopping, dancing, sports, and you know you will miss a meal or snack, PACK ONE!!!!

This is the ONLY way you can really stick to your routine and avoid bad choices and overeating.

Once you do things over and over and over again, you will create a habit for yourself too and then your body will get programmed to be hungry and want food at those times same times everyday.

The same is true for exercise.

If you schedule in regular exercise to your day and do it over and over and over again, not only will exercise become easier, but your

body will also crave it!

Imagine your body WANTING to exercise.  Your body was BORN TO MOVE.

Now that is a GOOD habit.

I make it EASY for your too! 😉

I just released another exercise video this week called  TIME CRUNCH -LEGS (CLICK HERE TO TRY IT).

I also filmed another  2 videos this week, one called TIME CRUNCH – TOTAL BODY (a great workout in only 10 minutes) and another one called POWER STRETCH – Flexibility for Power, Speed and Control.

They will be released over the next couple of months.

I want to make it EASY and FUN to help you make better choices for yourself and help you to create great habits.

My new workouts will add variety into your exercising and keep it interesting.

Stick with me and I’ll help you BE the VERY BEST that you can be.

So just to remind you about the goal of this week’s blog…

Create good eating and exercising habits by MAKING SMART CHOICES over and over and over again.

Be organized and follow a schedule – and you will soon be a shining example of a Power Girl with GREAT habits! :)



Your Friend and Coach,


Jessy Lipke



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