Only One Solution

Happy New Year!  I’ve missed you over the past couple of weeks.  I had the best Christmas and New Year!

I spent lots of time with my family and that always makes me happy. :)

Over Christmas many people take a break from their healthy habits.  They exercise less, eat more and don’t get the right amount of sleep.

When January comes and they get back to their routine they find it is hard because they have already gotten a bit out of shape.  This is true for kids and adults.

Many of my dancer friends know this is true because when they take a couple of weeks off, the first day back in the studio is tough.

In just a couple of weeks we lose some flexibility, strength and endurance.  It just takes one day to get back on track.  One painful day.

Be honest – Did YOU take a break from proper exercise and eating over the holidays? Did you get a little off track?

That is OK.  It’s done and there is no point feeling bad about it now.

My Dad says “It’s not what you eat between Christmas and New Years that counts, but what you eat between New Years and Christmas (the rest of the year)”.

The important thing is that you get back to your Power Girl workouts and healthy eating choices.

Your first day back exercising may be a bit painful and that is ok too.  Fight through the fatigue or pain and you will bounce back in no time.

There is only ONE SOLUTION to a healthy and fit body – and that is REGULAR EXERCISE and HEALTHY EATING.

Anything else is just cheating and is dangerous.

Things like diet pills are just BAD NEWS and can kill you.

I know of a girl that was very active but liked to eat everything (sugary foods, fast foods and junk food).

She thought that diet pills would allow her to eat the wrong foods and still get the body of her dreams.  Well she was wrong, and she is lucky to be alive.

Diet pills and other quick fixes to help people lose weight will weaken your body and put you at risk of disease and even death.

That is a high price to pay for a better body and NOT worth it.

Does that sound like a Better Choice for a Better Body? Or just a SHORTCUT?

Truth is – there are no shortcuts to a better body!

The ONLY solution to a healthy and fit body is regular exercise and healthy eating.

Remember that and never be tempted to try anything else.

If you hear of a different way to get healthy and fit, run it by your parents, phys-ed teacher or doctor first.

Never try anything, even if your BFF swears by it, unless you get permission from someone older who knows better.

The reason I am so committed to Power Girl Fitness and YOU, is because I want to change how girls all over the world take care of their bodies.

I want you to look and feel your very best through a HEALTHY lifestyle.

I want to help you create powerful new habits that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

My solution is not a quick fix, but it is a healthy one – the ONLY solution to the best YOU ever!

Your friend and coach,

Jessy Lipke

Here is a Christmas pic of me and my sister Brooklyn opening up our Karaoke singing machine.  Boy did we have a blast – singing like rock stars!! :)

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