Short but Sweet…

Hey Power Girl,

I am totally dedicated to providing you with the most cutting-edge information on both fitness and nutrition (next week we’re filming part 2 of the Power Girl Nutrition Program called “Body Smart Lunches”).

My mom is a nutrition expert and my dad is both a doctor and a personal trainer.

I am always surfing the internet for more nutrition and fitness tips to help you reach your goals – and FAST!

Today I want to talk to YOU about how to get the BEST WORKOUT, in the LEAST AMOUNT OF TIME!!

Why waste time doing long and slow workouts that don’t end up making a difference in how you look and feel?

Let’s face it long boring cardio workouts just make you tired. Right?

Many doctors and personal trainers have discovered that a shorter but MORE INTENSE workout can be MORE beneficial than a longer and less intense workout.

So longer isn’t better but FASTER is!

Today I am going to teach you a NEW WORKOUT STYLE, that is PROVEN to give you FAST RESULTS because it engages your fast and super-fast twitch muscle fibers, which causes you to produce more human growth hormone (HGH).

Human Growth Hormone is needed for muscle growth and development, which helps make your strength training and everything else work like a charm, and MORE EFFECTIVELY BURN CALORIES to give YOU the BODY you want!


So Power Girl, are you frustrated with long boring workouts?

Well if you are, then you’ll LOVE this, because I have exactly what you’ve been waiting for….. right here at Power Girl Fitness.

BETTER results in LESS time !

I have found in my research that most experts advise that people workout at their peak intensity for 60 seconds than rest for 30 seconds.

So here’s the technique that I recommend when you exercise:

  • Warm-up for a couple of minutes (to get your blood flowing and warm your muscles up)
  • Exercise as hard and as fast as you possibly can for one minute (put in everything you’ve got,  put in a 150% effort)
  • Take 30 seconds to recover, and grab a drink of water (don’t stand still, but walk around slowly, to keep your blood circulating)
  • Repeat your exercise 2 more times, working as hard and as fast as you did the first time!
  • Then switch to a different exercise and repeat it 3 more times
  • Continue this for a total of 5 or 6 different exercises
  • Cool down with a nice stretch (try my Power Stretch Workout)

You may have noticed that this is the same technique that I use in most of my own workouts which gives you no excuses when it comes to getting in the best shape.

All of my TIME CRUNCH workouts include this technique:

  1. 10 minute LEGS training
  2. 10 minute CORE training
  3. 10 minute CORE training

These are exercises that can help you get the lean and gorgeous muscles you have been dreaming of, while saving time so you can have fun and be with your friends.

Let’s face it….



So we’re BOTH crunched for time and that’s how we need our workouts…


Your friend and coach,

Jessy Lipke



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