Power Girl Goes to Paris!!

Hey Power Girl,

I wish I was going to Paris, however I guess you could say that Paris is coming to me instead.

This week a television producer is coming to interview me from the largest TV station in France.

She will be interviewing me and my family this Thursday as we videotape the latest NEW Power Girl workout called Power Girl Cardio Kickboxing.

I can’t wait to share with the whole world my mission, “to change the way that girls all over the world take care of their bodies.”

This is an opportunity for me to share with many people the reason why I started Power Girl Fitness over 2 years ago.

Today I would like to share with you Power Girl, the reason for Power Girl Fitness, why I started it and what it is all about!

So now let me take you on a journey to learn how Power Girl Fitness was born…

I started this website to fill a need after I realized that there were no workouts on the internet for girls.  In my research I realized that many girls were doing adult workouts, often in secret, to try to improve their bodies.

I discovered young girls doing workouts designed for adults, not good!!

I also know what a girl wants and does not want to hear, because the reality is, no girl wants to hear how to take care of herself by her parents.

Parents always mean well, however girls like you and I often see our parents’ good intentions as…well…. nagging.

We want to hear it from a peer or a friend, someone who knows what it’s like to be our age, who knows our needs, our desires.

We want to feel that we are doing something that other girls our age WANT to do, that our friends are doing the same thing and that it is not just our parents making us do it for their own reasons.

However, we have to make sure that our friends are giving us good advise and that we are not getting influenced in a negative way.

Don’t worry Power Girl, because you have me!!

Power Girl Fitness was created by my dad and I, because I wanted to help girls find a safe and effective way to change their lifestyles so that they could change how they eat, exercise and eventually teach girls to replace their bad habits with good ones.

My website is all about fitness and healthy eating.

Our motto is “better choices mean a better body and a better life”

Since I am home-schooled I have more free time and have spent many many hours researching different health topics and have learned so much more about healthy nutrition and fitness.

Most of what I know I learned from researching on the internet and from my parents.

I am pretty lucky because my dad is a doctor and a personal trainer, and my mom is a dietitian, so I have been educated tremendously thanks to them.

Above all, Power Girl Fitness is all about YOU!   Helping girls just like YOU, set new goals and achievements for themselves, to be the very best that they can be, so that they too can one day go on and make a difference and be the absolute best that they can be.

Maybe someday you’ll even visit Paris, or who knows, Paris may even come to YOU!

Your friend and coach,

Jessy Lipke


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